6 unforgettable characters in Pashupati’s performance .. Sacrifice made by Murugesanai more than tears

Actor Pasupathi came to the cinema from Koothupattarai. He has captivated fans from all walks of life with his realistic acting. Initially afraid to stand in front of the camera, he has shown his talent in everything from villain to comedian, character to hero. Thus we can see the best characters released in Pashupati acting.

விருமாண்டி: Virumandi is a film written, directed and starring Ulakanayakan Kamalhasan. In this film, Pashupati played the role of Kottalath Devan. In this film Pashupati is shown as a lifer. The murder case is also being investigated in the eyes of Kothanar Devan. Pasupathi had shown his wonderful performance in the film.

Summer : Veil is a movie starring Bharath, Pashupati, Bhavana, Shreya Reddy and others. Pashupati played Murugesan in the film. In this film, Murugesan leaves home at an early age. Then Murugesan, who runs the theater, falls in love with a girl named Thangam who lives opposite. Murugesan then returns to his hometown 20 years later to commit suicide. But again he makes some sacrifices for the family as his family sees him as a thief.

Aravan: Aravan is a 2012 film starring Adi, Tanshika, Pashupati and others. The film is set in the 18th century. Pashupati played the horn in the film. And Pashupati is given a strong role in the film.

Black: Black is a movie starring Vijay Sethupathi, Pashupati, Bobby Simha, Tanya Ravichandran and many more. Pashupati played the role of Maya in the film. In the film, Pashupati marries her sister to a strong man. But their relationship breaks down due to the intrigue of some. And the story of the black film is how they connect.

Monster: Directed by Vetrimaran, the film stars Dhanush, Manjuwari, Pashupati and others. Pashupati played the role of Murugesan as Dhanush’s brother-in-law in the film. In the film, Pashupati played the role of Ken Karunas and DJ’s cooking uncle.

Charbatta lineage: Directed by Ba Ranjith and starring Arya, John Vijay, John Kokan, Tushara Vijayan, Pashupati and many more, the film is a sequel to Sarpatta Paramparai. The film focuses on a boxing match between two factions. Pasupathi’s role as Rangan Vathiyar in the film was well received by the fans.

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