7 actors who intimidated in the old character at a young age .. Sivasamy who gave duff to Velu Nayak

Hello cinema hood readers! It is not new in Tamil cinema for actors to take on old characters at a young age. There is no denying that acting like that requires a good mind and storytelling. A lot of actors in Tamil have played the role of an old man at a young age. Some of them famous characters can be found in this article.

Dhanush – Monster: Dhanush is one of the very few actors in modern Tamil cinema who gives more importance to acting. In that sense, all the films he co-produces with director Vetrimaran are hit films. Finally the two of them teamed up for the movie Monster. Director Vetrimaran wrote the film based on the novel Vekkai by author Boomani. The film captures the struggles for land and the devastation it causes. Dhanush played the father of two sons in this film. He was 35 but 60 years old when the film was released and he was acting effectively.

Rajinikanth – நெற்றிக்கண்: ரஜினிகாந்த் அவர்கள் நடிகைகள் நெற்றிக்கண் is a 1981 film released. The film was directed by SP Muthuraman. Rajinikanth had a double role in this film with a different story feature. In it he effectively played the role of an old man with a sense of humor in a way that was more feminine. Rajinikanth was just 55 years old when he played the role of 55-year-old Maneka Suresh, the mother of actress Keerthi Suresh.

Ajith Kumar – History: History of the film starring Ajith Kumar in three roles as father and two sons. The film was directed by KS Ravikumar and composed by R Rahman. Ajith also played the role of father in this hugely successful film as a former Bharatanatyam artiste who rocked the band. Ajith was 34 years old when they accepted the role

Vijay Sethupathi – Orange Candy: Orange Candy is a movie starring actor Vijay Sethupathi as an old man who plays different roles. The film, which stars Vijay Sethupathi as a patient with a heart condition, belongs to a blockbuster genre. The awkward ambulance driver who got stuck with him gave the driving story as interesting as possible. Additional information is that Vijay Sethupathi was also producing the film on his own.

Surya – Varanam Aayiram: Actor Surya played the role of another Surya’s father in Varanam Aayiram. At 34, he played a 60-year-old man. Directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon, the film was composed by Harris Jayaraj. Director Gautam Menon later said that he had created the character with his father in mind.

Vijayakant – Senthurappoove: Captain Vijaykanth had a special appearance in the movie Senthurappoove. In this film he played the aging role of a former army commander. Ramki, Nirosha and Chandrasekhar co-starred in this hugely successful film.

Kamalhasan – Salangai Oli, Man, Indian: Lord Kamal Haasan’s acting as an old man is nothing new in Tamil cinema. He was just 32 years old when he played the 60-year-old in the movie Salangai Oli. Similarly, director Shankar played the role of Indian grandfather Senapati in the Indian film they directed.

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