7 actresses who put on the veil in all the three films .. Despite the beauty, the acting is zero

Hello cinema hood readers! In this article we will look at the actresses who made their popular debut in Tamil cinema with one or two films and then soon disappeared. Despite their beauty and talent, for whatever reason, they could not continue to stay in Tamil cinema or Indian cinema.

Roshini: Roshini is hard for many to remember. At the same time many may remember saying Abrami. To that extent the name of that character took a place that never left our minds. Guna is a film co-starring Kamal Haasan and Roshini. In this movie, Kamal played the role of a comfortable housewife being abducted. Roshini, the debutant actress, initially hated Kamal and then fell in love with her and played the role of her lover. It is unknown at this time what he meant by “failure”.

Manu: Actress Kadal Mannan made her Tamil cinema debut with Manu with Thala Ajith Kumar. The dancer Manu is very handsome looking. Despite the huge success of the movie Kadhal Mannan, Manu did not continue to act in movies. It is not clear what caused it. It is unfortunate that we do not have a good beautiful actress to continue to act.

Nisha Kothari: Nisha Kothari alias Amoha starred opposite Madhavan in director Charan’s JJ. Despite the success of the JJ movie, Nisha Wall was not able to continue to lead. Due to the unavailability of the role of the heroine in a couple of films as the sexy heroine stabbed the song.

Richa: Actress Richa’s condition is very sad. In the early films, Richa played Dhanush Simbu with well-marketed actors. However, he did not get the chance to continue due to the fact that his films Dizzy and Osti were not huge commercial successes. And she was singled out as an unlucky actress. The man, who is currently completely away from the movies, is married and settled down.

Meenakshi: Meenakshi co-starred with actor Karan in the movie Karuppasamy Leaseholder. Although Meenakshi became famous through this film which garnered some attention and attention, she was not able to continue acting in good films. Due to this she acted as a sexy heroine in the next few films. And his screen journey is almost over.

Remasen: Although Reemasen’s inclusion on this list is a bit high, it is true that there is nothing wrong with his screen journey. Despite the huge success of the first film Lightning, Remasen continued to not get me good movies. What he got was a second heroine and a sexy heroine role. As a result, she was not in a stable position to progress to the status of a stable heroine in Tamil cinema for many years.

Sameera Reddy: Actress Sameera Reddy has given Tamil hearts with her movie Varanam Aayiram. Apart from this film, he has acted in a few more Tamil films but the other films are not very good. Due to this, the fame of the film did not leave our minds and is now married and settled. From time to time he uploads his photos on social media and makes Tamil hearts here.

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