7 films that fought and won in court .. Surya who scored a blockbuster in the controversy

In Tamil cinema, various films like love, action and horror have been released and have attracted the fans. Some of the films that have been made highlighting court scenes in that category have been well received.

Even the leading heroes are awkward acting in a character like arguing from a lawyer. Here are some of the hit movies in our Tamil cinema.

Jaybeam Directed by DJ Gnanavel and starring Surya, Lijimol Jose and Manikandan, the film caused a great deal of controversy. The film, which focuses on a true incident, was subjected to a number of political upheavals.

However, beyond that, the film was a huge success. Surya, who has been starring in films with such social connotations, once again got a hit with this film.

Encountered view Directed by Vinod and starring Ajith in a completely different character, the film is a remake of a Hindi film. In this, Ajith has acted as a lawyer to save 3 women who are involved in a criminal case. The verses and scenes he spoke in court were well received.

Man Directed by Ahmed and starring Udayanithi Stalin, Hansika and Aishwarya Rajesh, the film is a murder case. In this, Udayanidhi will win the case by taking a key case. The film, which was released with his diverse acting, was well received.

Tamil World beauty Priyanka Chopra will be seen in the film which was released many years ago starring Commander Vijay. Vijay will be playing the character who is arguing against many crimes happening in the society. This film is one of the most important films for Vijay starring him.

Rule Starring Mohan, Purnima Bhagyaraj, Sujatha and Jaisankar, the film was a huge success. The story of this film is about Purnima going in search of the court against the victim Mohan who cheated on her. The film was a huge success, running for 500 days.

The dolls came Jyotika will play the role of a lawyer in the film, which stars Jyotika, Bhagyaraj, Parthiban and many others on behalf of 2D Entertainment. The film, which focuses on incidents of child sexual abuse, was a hit with fans.

Goddess The film, which starred Vikram in a different role, marked a major turning point for him. He was accompanied by Anushka, Amalapal, Sara and many others. Sarah, who starred as a child in the film, won several awards for her outstanding performance. Directed by AL Vijay, the film was a huge success.

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