7 heroes who went missing in action incarnation .. Pinchi Munchi Boss for all of you

Hello cinema hood readers! In this special article you will find about some of the actors who were in a good position in Tamil cinema and were forced to leave the cinema to take action incarnation and lose the market.

Srikanth: Actor Srikanth has been building a good romantic hero image through films like Rojakoottam, April. But it is unknown at this time what he meant by sin. He acted in action movies like Jude and Bose. Both films soon disappeared from the screen industry to embrace huge failure

Jeeva: Jeeva initially stumbled a bit but later made a name for herself as a good actor. The Tamil film he acted in earned him a good name. But the desire is gone. Although Ko did well, he was tempted to become an option actor with the film Yan. Since then none of the films he has acted in have gone well and now the market is declining and he is crawling as a normal actor.

Bharath: Bharath introduced by Shankar is a good dancer. The man who starred in the love story escaped and was caught in the hands of the director Empire. Following Palani and Thiruthani, Action lost the market by starring in this story with only punchy dialogue. The fact is that his condition is such that no one even knows what film he is currently starring in

Prasanth: Actor Prashant, affectionately known as the Prince of Love. He has given many hit films and is a favorite of many in Shankar’s movie Jeans. But he also lost his market by starring in a lot of action movies with a penchant for action movies. He also stayed away from films for many years due to the tragedy of his own life

Raghav Lawrence: Raghav Lawrence was driving survival by keeping only one ghost story and adding comedy to it. The thought of little Rajinikanth in his mind. Motta Siva called himself the People’s Superstar in the movie Bad Siva. The action movie soon went out of the theater because it was rubbish. And the Kansana films that he likes and stars in are also declining without getting popular response from the people.

Jayam Ravi: Jayam Ravi has seen many successes in Tamil cinema through love movies. From time to time he will act in many alternative cinemas. But his identity is in romantic movies like Jayam, Santosh Subramaniam, Something Something. He also lost his market by starring in action movies like Poologam and Bhoomi.

Santhanam: It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. His favorite since then is Saturn. He also tried to be an action hero in a few films when people were reluctant to see him as a hero. Those films failed. Santhanam is currently acting as the protagonist only in comedy films.

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