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Hello cinema hood readers! Road Movies is a genre that no one in Tamil cinema has touched so much. Only a handful of Tamil films have featured travel as an important feature. In this article you can watch travel movies released in Tamil.

Within 10: Vikram, Samantha and others co-star in the film within 10. Road travel plays a major role in this film in which Samantha plays a double role. The screenplay, which seeks to abduct another Samantha in order to save her from being sentenced to death, is not well received by the public. The film was directed by Vijay Milton.

Love is god: The film is about the travel experiences between a communist man named Nallasivam and a trendy man named Anbu. Kamal as Nallasivam and Madhavan as Anparasan co-starred. In this movie, Madhavan and Kamal, who are trapped in Kolkata, are forced to travel together. These people who alternate between train, bus and ambulance will be wonderfully set to finally work for a higher purpose. The film was directed by Sundar C and scripted by Kamal Haasan.

பியா: Lingusamy directed the film which co-starred Karthi and Tamanna. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for the film which was a huge hit with all the songs. Karthi travels with Tamanna on her way to Bombay lying that she is the driver. At the end of the journey love is born for both of them. In fact when the film came out it was said that Karthi and Tamanna were in love. This action movie was a huge success.

Fear is madness: Madamiyada is a film directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and starring Simbu, Manjima Mohan and many others. Manjima Mohan travels with Simbu on his new bike to Simbu with the intention of going to Kanyakumari. The film is about the love between the two of them during that journey and many startling incidents. Hindi pop singer Baba Sehgal played the villain in this movie. Musician AR Rahman composed the music for the film.

கயல்: Kayal is the story of a protagonist and his friend who go in search of life. The love for Kayal and the journey of the protagonist is the uniqueness of the film. We affectionately call him Kayal Anandi because of Anandi’s introduction through this film.

Saroja: Four friends on the road to watch a cricket match in Hyderabad. The story of Saroja is about the four of them unexpectedly getting caught by the gang who kidnapped a rich girl. Kajal Agarwal made her film debut in this film directed by Venkat Prabhu. Yuvan Shankar Raja composed the music for the film which has some of the most popular songs.

Nandalala: Snikta co-starred with director Mishkin in the film, which they wrote and directed. Miskin goes to see his mother along with the boy who goes to see his mother. The film is about the different experiences that take place between them then. The songs in Ilayaraja’s music are all wonderful.

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