Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester didnt precisely have a steady youth in the Supernatural series. Their mom was eliminated by a devil when Sam was an infant, and their daddy ended up being consumed with finding and eliminating the satanic force who did it, typically leaving the kids to look after themselves in roadside motels. The bros discovered a household amongst those they fulfilled while searching. They had a great deal of people viewing their backs, and they offered the very same in return.

The bros might have had missing moms and dads (their mom continued to be missing even after her resurrection), however they didnt absence household. From Jody (Kim Rhodes) stepping up as a mom figure, to Charlie (Felicia Day) ending up being the “little sister Dean never wanted,” there was constantly somebody offering assistance.

Bobby Singer

Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) was a hunter and friend of John Winchesters (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). It was Bobby who initially informed the kids that “family dont end with blood.” Performing as a daddy figure to Sam and Dean when their biological daddy was away (which was typically), he ensured they were looked after.

Bobby even returned as a ghost to assist the kids with cases, showing that they were more vital to him than Paradise. Dean ultimately burned Bobbys flask at Bobbys demand, launching his spirit to Paradise. Nevertheless, in later seasons, the kids fulfilled Bobby from an alternate universe, and he went back to the bunker with them. He didnt understand them well, however he did understand Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) in his world, and once again stepped up as a daddy figure.


Rowena Macleod

Rowena (Ruth Connell) was Crowleys (Mark Sheppard) mom and an effective witch. She initially played a bad guy, however discovered herself reforming and working together with the Winchesters. She passed away 3 times assisting them: two times at the hands of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) to keep her from locking him in the cage, and lastly, when she compromised herself to assist the Winchesters conserve the world in the last season.

When Lucifer eliminated Rowena, shed utilized a resurrection spell that conserved her both times. The 2nd time he eliminated her, it took her a long time to completely recuperate due to the level of her injuries. When the Winchesters fought God (Rob Benedict) in season 15, Rowena made the supreme sacrifice. She had actually ended up being a much-loved part of the household organization by the end of the series, and her death was ravaging for the bros.

Garth Fitzgerald IV

Garth (DJ Qualls) didnt hunt with the Winchesters typically, choosing to hunt solo. He was bitten by a monster on a hunt, and after being become one himself, he retired from searching, wed another monster, and joined her pack. The couple had twins Sam and Castiel, and Garth was content with a “normal” life. When the Winchesters remained in a life-or-death scenario at a beast battle club in season 15 after God turned the bros into regular people, Garth conserved the day.

Its tough not to like Garth. He wasnt constantly the best hunter, however his heart and decision more than offseted it. Although he retired from searching, he still assisted his fellow hunters by presuming Bobbys old task of taking calls and investigating beasts. However, his real shining minute remained in the last season when he dropped whatever to conserve the Winchesters from the battle club, and was lastly the hero.

Jody Mills

Jody was constable of Sioux Falls and fulfilled the Winchesters while they existed examining the increasing dead, consisting of Jodys young child. Sam was required to eliminate the kid after he killed Jodys hubby. Without any household left, Jody ended up being a hunter and assisted the bros with cases whenever they required it, and they did the very same for her. By the end of the series, she would have offered her life to secure them.

If Bobby was the daddy figure in the series, then Jody was the mom figure. She was constantly there to support her embraced children, in addition to the Winchesters. After satisfying Mary, the 2 discussed Sam and Dean, and it was apparent Jody considered them her kids, too. She made a look in every season given that signing up with the series, and was almost offered a spinoff called Wayward Sis with her embraced children.

Charlie Bradbury

Charlie was presented in season 7 when she assisted the kids beat the Leviathan. A self-proclaimed geek, Charlie was a genius hacker and enjoyed whatever popular culture. Among her greatest qualities was that she wasnt scared to be herself. She and the Winchesters ended up being close, and her hacking abilities typically can be found in convenient on cases. It was even exposed in season 15 that she had actually set them up with a charge card for life.

Although their very first conference was less than perfect, and Charlie joked at the end of the episode that she wished to never ever see the bros once again right before boarding a bus, she did wind up ending up being a vital part of the household organization. In time, the 3 established a close relationship, and Charlie ended up being “the little sister Dean never wanted.” Since of that, her harsh murder while dealing with a case with the Winchesters was something Dean would never ever forgive himself for.


Crowley began on the series as a crossroads satanic force, and initially worked for Lilith up until her death. He ultimately promoted himself to King of Hell after Lucifer was locked back in the cage, and allied himself with the Winchesters on and off throughout the series. When Dean ended up being a devil after accepting the Mark of Cain, Crowley took him under his wing, and the 2 ended up being best good friends. Although Dean was ultimately treated, their bond stayed, triggering Crowley to assist the Winchesters more than he most likely cared to confess.

Crowleys humankind began to reveal when Sam “cured” him with cleansed blood as one of the Trials of God. After that, Crowley played both villain and anti-hero, normally assisting when it benefited him. Still, his conscience typically obstructed of his choices, and he normally wound up assisting the Winchesters. He even compromised himself to beat Lucifer and, much like his mom, Rowena, he offered one last “Goodbye, boys” prior to plunging an angel blade into his stomach for the good of humanity.

Castiel, Angel of the Lord

Castiel (Misha Collins) signed up with the series in season 4 when he pulled Dean from Hell. In the start, Castiel was detached from humankind and had no issue eliminating innocent people if required. His commitment ultimately moved from God to the Winchesters, and he started to establish more human qualities, consisting of empathy — something angels did not have in Supernatural. As Castiel understood that God was bad, he rebelled and the Winchesters ended up being like household to him.

The bros had a close relationship with Cas, however he and Dean shared a better bond than Cas made with Sam. When Dean blamed Cas for his moms death, it ripped Castiel apart. Nevertheless, as household does, Dean and Cas ultimately fixed up. At the end of season 15, Cas compromised himself to conserve Dean in a psychological bye-bye that ended with, “I love you, Dean,” leaving Destiel fans reeling over the objective of those words.

Jack Kline

Jack (Alexander Calvert) is the child of Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) and Lucifer, making him an effective Nephilim. After Kelly passed away throughout giving birth, Sam, Dean, and Cas looked after a quickly growing Jack, and guaranteed he didnt unintentionally harmed or eliminate anybody. Jacks mom had a kind soul, and much of that handed down to Jack; regardless of his paternal family tree, he was kind-hearted. After he took Gods powers and ended up being the brand-new God, Jack changed Paradise into the delighted place it was indicated to be.

Jack resembled a boy to Sam, Dean and Cas. Even when Bobby informed Dean about the modifications Jack made in Paradise, he began with, “That kid of yours….” Regardless Of Sam and Deans unsteady childhood, they were excellent moms and dads. They and Cas taught Jack right from incorrect, and how to utilize his powers for excellent instead of evil. In turn, Jack ensured his fathers got “the Heaven they deserved.”