Will There be an 800 Words Season 4?

Will There be an 800 Words Season 4?
Will There be an 800 Words Season 4?
Will There be an 800 Words Season 4?

Will There be an 800 Words Season 4?

Comedy Dramas are fairly the favored style; they’re a kind of sections of tv which return season after season with newer takes on the style. One of the most liked themes of comedy is one which revolves round household dramas. ‘800 Words’ is one such series that explores the relationships on which a household is constructed. Based in New Zealand and Australia, the series is co-produced by South Pacific Footage and Seven Productions.

The story revolves round a man named George Turner, who works in one of many biggest selling newspaper corporations in Sydney. He works as a famous columnist who writes weekly columns. He has two teenage kids named Arlo and Shay. The series is made for the Network Seven and is co-directed by Pino Amenta and Mike Smith. Amenta, the extremely popular Australian director, has directed various top-rated television series such as ‘The Sullivans’ and ‘All Saints and Conspiracy 365’.

800 Words’ was first released on September 15, 2015 on Seven Network in Australia. It was then picked up by Acorn TV to air in the US. The show has had 3 profitable seasons to date. Now the query is, will there be an ‘800 Words’ season 4? We’ll delve into that query, however first let’s shortly look into the details of the series.

800 Words Plot: What’s it about?

800 Words Plot: What's it about

800 Words Plot: What’s it about

Even earlier than, there have been shows that show the struggle of a single mother or father dealing with the struggles they face because of the absence of their different haves. ‘800 Words’ is one other such show which fantastically explores the topic. The tagline of the show, “Typically all you want is a fresh start,” in various methods, explains the precept theme of the show.

The show starts with George Turner, who’s the lead in the show. George is a famous columnist in Sydney, Australia, who’s dealing with the sudden death of his spouse whereas dealing with his two kids. George decides that he wants a change in his life and out of nowhere, buys a home on-line in a fictional, picturesque city on the shores of New Zealand known as Weld with out a lot as a go to or a meet with the individual selling the property.

George’s impulse resulting in this abrupt choice stems from the reminiscence of the childhood holidays he had had on the Prairie. Excited on the prospect of starting a brand new life altogether, he quits his job and informs his kids of the scenario who’re but caught in the mechanism of dealing with the loss they suffered in the type of their mother. The kids now face an unsure future and after preliminary objections, resolve to maneuver to New Zealand, eaving behind their lives in Sydney.

Issues take a wild flip for George and his kids who haven’t but accustomed to their mother’s death, as their colourful and inquisitive neighbors show to be a menace. 4 single girls develop a brand new curiosity in the single columnist’s life and his kids. Throughout the course of the series, each George and his daughter Shay discover love as they enter new relationships and Arlo focuses on his teachers. The households’ journey via the great and the unhealthy occasions is portrayed via a series of comical components, and as a rule, their humor hits the appropriate notes. Whereas the show was cancelled after its third season, their lead characters’ arcs have been wrapped justifiably.

800 Words Cast: Who’s in it?

800 Words Cast: Who's in it

800 Words Cast: Who’s in it

‘800 Words’ is a star-heavy television series. The lead, George Turner, is performed by the Australian star Erik Thomson. Erik Thomson Thomson is thought for playing the role of Hades in the series Hercules: The legendary journeys. Thomson has also performed important roles in various shows such as Xena Warrior Princess and Younger Hercules. Apart from Thomson, Melina Vidler can also be seen in an vital role. Vilder who earned her fame via various roles in television series such as Rake and Brock portrays the character of Shay Turner, the teenage daughter of George.

Benson Jack Anthony performs the role of Arlo Turner, the son of George. Michelle Langstone, who performed the role of Dr Katherine ‘Kat’ Manx in Energy Rangers S.P.D. and Birdie Carter in Mcleod’s Daughter can also be seen in outstanding roles. Season 3 Half 2 also brings on board Jamaica Vaughan as Emma, Ditch Davey as Terry Turner, Millen Baird as Robert “Robbie” McNamara and Jackie van Beek as Gloria.

800 Words Season 4 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

800 Words Season 4 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed

800 Words Season 4 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed

‘800 Words’ season 3 premiered on Acorn TV in the US on June 1, 2018, following its Release in Australia on Seven Network on September 12, 2017.

So far as the following season goes, it’s best to know that the series was an esteemed project by the Australian Network. It was first announced on October 29, 2014, whereas the primary episode premiered on September 15, 2015. The show opened to a optimistic response and loved a loyal base with the viewers via its 3-season run and 40 episodes. Nonetheless, the series couldn’t maintain its excessive scores for for much longer and the attraction which made it an excellent hit started fading. After a midseason finale in 2018, the series was cancelled due to unknown causes.

So, sure, there you go. ‘800 Words’ season 4 stands cancelled and isn’t making a comeback anytime soon.

800 Words Trailer

Though ‘800 Words’ gained quite a lot of popularity, it culminated in an abrupt finish. Nonetheless, the show and its earlier trailers are enough to go away a smile on the viewers’s faces. Watch the trailer of its debut season below:

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