83 Box Office Day 14 Collection: India’s 1983 Victory Story Slowing Down


The earnings of Ranveer Singh’s 83 comprise elevated over the weekend however had been very average for the interval of the week. On day 14, i.e. the second Thursday, the film has ethical managed to quit within the hunt for the ₹100 crore membership. Let’s stamp how much it truly made. 83 box location of business day 14 assortment stood at ₹1.21 crores. 

83 Field Assign of business Day 14 Collection

Day 1 Friday Dec 24 ₹12.64 Cr 
Day 2 Saturday Dec 25 ₹16.95 Cr 
Day 3 Sunday Dec 26 ₹17.41 Cr 
Day 4 Monday Dec 27 ₹7.29 Cr 
Day 5 Tuesday Dec 28 ₹6.7 Cr 
Day 6 Wednesday Dec 29 ₹5.67 Cr 
Day 7 Thursday Dec 30 ₹5.21 Cr
Day 8 Friday Dec 31 ₹4.36 Cr 
Day 9 Saturday Jan 01 ₹7.73 Cr
Day 10 Sunday  Jan 02 ₹7.66 Cr
Day 11 Monday  Jan 03 ₹1.98 Cr
Day 12 Tuesday Jan 04 ₹1.62 Cr
Day 13 Wednesday Jan 05 ₹1.41 Cr
Day 14 Thursday Jan 06 ₹1.21 Cr
  Total   ₹97.83 Cr

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The film, directed by Kabir Khan and consistent with Workforce India’s outstanding performance within the 1983 World Cup, did now not fare to boot to expected at the box location of business. Whether or now not it’s the Covid terminate or Spider-Man: No Components House, Pushpa denting the statistics, Ranveer’s image hasn’t lived up to the lofty expectations that had been placed on it. As of January 6, 2022, the film has grossed ₹97.83 crores in India and ₹53.91 crore in another country, for a worldwide impolite assortment of ₹168.1 crores. 

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