9 films that are important for the heroine .. There is no work for romance anymore

Hello Cinemapet readers! We are constantly seeing special articles on Tamil cinema on this website. In that sense, the title we are going to see today is Tamil films that are unique without a protagonist. Movies on this list may or may not have had a protagonist. Let’s go into the article

She has a sequel: Sujatha played the lead role in the film, which was directed by Shikhar K Balachander. Sujata, who played the role of Kavita, was portrayed as a fashionable woman who worked hard for her family. The life he lived for his younger siblings and the commitment he made to them by postponing his marriage was the whole picture. It is worth mentioning that Kamal Haasan played a supporting role in this film.

Be sure to keep in mind: The film was also directed by director Shikaram K Balachander. The film stars Sukasini in the lead role and describes the life of Sukasini, who stays in Chennai to work as a nurse for the benefit of her siblings. The incidents of threatening his family by putting a letter in this film would have been taken as interesting. Singers SB Balasubramaniam made a special appearance in the film.

சினேகிதியே: Jyotika played the lead role in the film, which also starred Saba Rani Mukherjee, the younger sister of Hindi actress Rani Mukherjee. Actress Tabu was in the lead role. The film illustrates the background of a murder that took place in a women’s college. Definitely a must see once in a while this movie that goes into suspense until the very end.

Cuckoo’s egg: The film starred Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead role and had two boys as her sons. The screenplay was set up to make people enjoy the things they do in the desire to eat pizza after seeing the pizza ad. The film was directed by debutant director Manikandan. Silambarasan had a special appearance. The film was a huge success and was enjoyed by the people of Tamil Nadu

Crime Bite: He faints when the teacher accidentally attacks the student. The crime story is about the actions of the school administration to save the teacher and the family of the boy who is fighting for justice for the incident. The characters in this film were effectively designed for alternative cinema.

Ira, Dora: Lady Superstar Nayantara is one of the protagonists in these two films. These films, which relied solely on Nayanthara, were a huge disappointment to the people of Tamil Nadu.

Kolamau Kokila: Kolamau Kokila, also known as Koko, is a film directed by Nelson and starring Lady Superstar. Go Go is the story of Yogi Babu who gets stuck with his family to help them disguise themselves for money. Nelson, who is good at writing comedy stories, effectively wrote and directed the film. The film was a huge success due to Nayanthara’s extraordinary performance and excellent screenplay

women only: The film starred Nasser, Revathi, Urvasi and Rohini and was directed by Singitam Siniwasa Rao. Kamal Haasan produced the film and also starred in a special appearance. Interesting movie women only with 3 girls getting caught up in a slut party manager and their funny kidnapping. Actor Nagesh played the role of a corpse in this film. The film turned out to be a good comedy film in the verse of Crazy Mohan.

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