A fan who aspired to marry a hip .. Do you know what the answer was.?

Initially none of the films starring Ramya Pandian gave him a hand. After that Ramya Pandian posted the sexy photo suite photos taken on the terrace on her social media page. World famous but Ramya Pandian in one day by that photo.

Following this, he got a chance on Vijay TV. Vijay showed off his best cooking skills on the TV show Cook With Clown. He then had the opportunity to attend the Big Boss show.

Using his ingenuity, he was able to stay inside the house for several weeks. In this situation Ramya Pandian is focusing on films again. Rame Andal and Ravana Andal, who were released by Surya last year, played the role of a village in the film.

And Ramya Pandian, who is constantly posting sexy photos on social media, has a lot of followers. In this situation Ramya Pandian has come live to discuss with the fans. Then someone said I am an ardent fan of yours, what are you getting married to.?

Ramya Pandian replied, “When I find my husband, he should catch me too.” So for now you have no chance Raja has replied. In this situation, fans have questioned how many more years Ramya Pandian, who is now 31 years old, is staying away from marriage.

But Ramya Pandian is determined to focus on the rest only after she has secured a permanent place in the cinema. Thus Ramya Pandian has signed on for the next films and is paying full attention to it.

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