A little story told by Vijay in a Sun TV interview!

Vijay fans are all upset that the music release ceremony for the Beast movie did not take place. The reason is that Vijay is definitely telling a little story on that stage and the fans have been saying that we miss it.

In this situation, the interview given by Vijay after 10 years has been released on Sun TV. In it Vijay is telling a short story. That story is about football and the flute.

“I looked at the flute and heard football. I have air in me, you have air in me, but they kick me, they kiss you on the lips. Why is that?”

“You don’t give the air that comes in to you, but I turn the air that comes in into me into good music. That’s why the flute said so. Like this we have to help others.”

“Unlike football, it has to change a little bit like the flute,” Vijay said.

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