A round should come like this actress .. Greedy favorite KGF actress

Currently, the KGF2 movie is making waves all over India. And wherever social networking sites and newspapers turn, the news is about the KGF film. Yash, who played the hero in the film, has become very popular among the people.

Following him, another very popular character in the film is BM. The character is played by actress Raveena Tandon. He has mostly worked in Bollywood films. He has also acted in a few Tamil and Telugu films.

Raveena starred opposite Action King Arjun in the P Vasu directed film Sadhu. He also played the role of Tejaswini in the movie Alavanthan starring Kamal Haasan. In this situation, the role he played in the KGF movie is being talked about a lot by the fans.

In this situation, Raveena has recently spoken about her great desire. That means there are some unforgettable characters in Tamil cinema. In it Ramya Krishnan’s Nilambari and Rajmata Sivagami Devi would have done the roles so effectively that no one else could have played them this much.

Ramyakrishnan will be surpassed by the role of Nilambari in the movie Superstar Rajini Padiyappa. In this situation, Raveena Nilambari has said in a recent interview that she wants to cast characters like Rajamata Sivagami.

William Roll also mentioned that the Nilambari model should be a masala. Because I like Ramyakrishnan very much. I have a strong desire to act in many different roles like him. Also, he has said that I am waiting for characters like this.

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