Abhay 3 REVIEW: Vijay Raaz, Kunal Khemu became a hero as a villain

Series- Abhay 3(G5)


Cast – Vijay Raj, Kunal Khemu, Tanuj Virwani, Divya Agarwal, Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh, Rahul Dev


Director- Ken Ghosh



Special Task Force officer Abhay Pratap Singh is solving such a mystery this time where there is constant bloodshed in the name of Moksh. What is the reason behind this, it is beyond the thinking of the entire force. Abhay Pratap Singh once again shows his intelligence. This 8-episode series directed by Ken Ghosh sometimes looks like a dark crime film. This time the story will be seen showing the suffocation of Abhay Pratap Singh’s past along with murder, like the last two seasons.


Season 3 deals with a case of mass murder against a popular powerful leader Abhay Pratap trying to find a murderer who kills many people in the name of salvation and soul or gets them killed at his own hands. Is. Throughout this case, many suspense will keep you hooked during the show, while the scenes of extreme violence will force you to close your eyes too.


How Abhay Pratap Singh himself gets trapped in a big net while catching the killer makes the story interesting but not effective. However, during the episode, there are many such scenes of Vijay Raj and Abhay Pratap Singh which are visible from the drag. Talking about acting, this time Vijay Raj remains the highlight of Abhay 3 more than Abhay Pratap Singh i.e. Kunal Khemu. Seeing Vijay Raj on screen in the role of a mentally ill dreaded villain brings terror to the story. Kunal Khemu looks dominant again.


Tanuj Virwani, Divya Agarwal, Asha Negi and Nidhi Singh do justice to their characters. Especially Asha Negi, Rahul Dev and Divya Aggarwal have appeared effective, due to whose arrival there is a lift in the story. The part featuring Divya Agarwal and Tanuj Virwani has been cut short, which is a pity. The Ken Ghosh directorial gives a glimpse of the last two seasons. Looks like Ken Ghosh couldn’t find a new pun in Abhay 3. The use of hammer, drinking of blood has also been done in Abhay 1 and Abhay 2. A long army of dialogues and actors have handled the story of Abhay 3. Especially Vijay Raj. The rest of the reincarnation and the mental state of the killer are discussed in the content of last season.



Why watch- Vijay Raj is proving his acting iron on the screen after a long time. Also, if you like to watch movies like Thriller, Murder Mystery, then you can watch Abhay 3. Rating of 2.5 from Khatrimaza. See the rest for yourself and decide.

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