Abhinay’s wife openly talks about divorce

The contestants in Bigg Boss Season 5 aired on Vijay TV had more unknown faces than familiar ones. Abhinay is one of them. He belongs to the screen family. That is, he is the grandson of legendary actor Gemini Ganesan and Savitri.

In this situation, Abhinay was selected for the nomination in the first week of the Big Boss show. Almost every week following this he was saved at the last minute selected in the nomination. And there will be a romantic track to something every season on the Big Boss show.

Thus in Bigg Boss Season 5 there was a controversy that there was love between Abhinay and Bhavani. That means Abhinay was always with Bhavani and only talked to him. Thus the question arose as to whether Abhinay loves Bhavani for everyone in the House.

Raju Bai heard it directly from Abhinav during a task. But Abhinay denied it as such. Abinay left the Big Boss show almost 77 days later.

At the time, Abhinav’s wife Aparna was deleting her husband’s name on her social media page. Thus the big question among the fans was whether there was a divorce between them. In this case, he has put a post about divorce on his social media page.

That is, women should be given alimony after divorce. This is what he referred to as male-female equality. This post has now taken many by surprise. It also raises the question of whether there is a difference of opinion between Abhinay and Aparna. Also, there is a risk of losing one’s life now if only Abhinav’s name is enough because of his participation in Big Boss.

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