John Wick developer, Derek Kolstad, may be among the most popular products in the show business since late. Given that penning the camping tent pole action franchise, Kolstad has actually been connected to a variety of more recent jobs, consisting of The Falcon and the Winter Season Soldier, No One, and The Continental. He has actually likewise been connected to a number of computer game adjustments consisting of Simply Cause, Streets of Rage, and TELEVISION shows based upon Hit Man and Splinter Cell. This time around, he has actually discovered a partner for an individual enthusiasm job of his; Rivulet Films has actually gotten his initial movie script Acolyte and discovered a partner of their own to produce and fund the movie. Rivulet Movies will be partnering with the Swedish business, Ascot Elite Home entertainment, to bring Acolyte to the cinema.


Acolyte fixates Robert Miller, the titular Acolyte and a seeming everyman with abilities that defy his unwary look. He goes back to his house just to discover no trace of his better half Helen or any of her delicate files from her NGO operate in Syria. Afraid of what took place, Robert hires his old team of elite operatives, Athena, Helios, Talos, Hades, Cerberus, Icarus, and Hermes, to locate his better half. Together, they seek to specific revenge on whoever abducted her and bring fire and fury to the political actors behind the operation.

With Rivulet obtaining the movie, Rob Paris and Mike Witherill are on board as manufacturers while Ascot Elite Home Entertainment has Ralph S. Dietrich, Karin G. Dietrich, Stephan Giger, and Daniel Hoeltschi on the movie. Christopher Milburn, who lags the collaboration, will work as an executive manufacturer with Swedish director, Claudio Faeh.

“In Acolyte, Derek has delivered the perfect follow-up franchise to John Wick and the ensemble of amazing characters he has intricately woven throughout the script offer us an endless array of stories to tell for many years to come,” Paris and Witherill stated of Kolstads movie script. It stays to be seen if the movie will reach the very same heights as John Wick however, as the franchise has actually earned around $600 million over its 3 movies. A 4th Keanu Reeves-led movie is slated for a March 2023 release, though Kolstad has actually stepped down as the writer. Previous that, the franchise is likewise set for a 5th movie in the future, though thats definitely a ways off.

Rivulet Movies is a fairly brand-new manufacturer on the scene with Paris taking control of as president of the Rivulet Media movie department back in 2020. Ever since, they have had a couple of successes to their name consisting of the Demi Moore-led Please Child Please previously this year, and Taurus which starred pop icon Colson “Machine Gun Kelly” Baker together with Maddie Hasson, Scoot McNairy, Ruby Rose, and Megan Fox. The business is likewise presently dealing with the funny The Twinkle Brothers by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, John Patrick Shanley, and the John Magaro and Chasten Harmon-led The Girlfriend.

Kolstads long time dream movie Acolyte is lastly concerning fulfillment and contributes to his ever-growing plate of action movies, computer game adjustments, and whatever in between. No word yet on when Acolyte is anticipated to strike our screens.