Acting monster Vikram .. 5 films that proved their talent

Next to world hero Kamal Haasan, Vikram has made many sacrifices for cinema by mourning his body. Also starring in different roles and taking place in the minds of the fans. Vikram fans like Vijay fans and Ajith fans from all walks of life. Thus Vikram can see 5 films that showed his acting talent to the fullest.

Setu: Vikram got the opportunity to act in the film only after selecting several actors. Vikram did not have that much market when the film was released. Thus no one came to see the film in the first place. After that the crowd in the theaters waved due to the criticism of the film. And this is the reason why Vikram got the title of Sian.

Son: Vikram starred in another different film directed by Bala which is Pithamagan. Vikram Mirti was an idiot who knew nothing but the fiery song in the film. Vikram was praised by all for his brave performance in a role that other actors hesitated. Vikram also won a National Award for this film.

Stranger: It made everyone wonder if there would be three different incarnations within the same man in the film. Vikram portrayed the innocent Ambi in the film as Remo as the romantic monarch and the stranger as the murderer in all three incarnations.

Goddess: In the film, Vikram played the role of the mentally retarded Krishna, the father of a five-year-old child. In the film, Vikram became a five-year-old boy. His speech and mannerisms were all like that. Also, the film was well received among the fans.

I: I. is a film directed by Shankar. Vikram fulfills his dream of facing many obstacles with the ambition of becoming Mr. Madras in the film. And Emi Jackson is trying to turn Vikram into a model. In this case, some people conspired to pay for Vikram’s summoned virus from Switzerland. Thus Vikram’s body collapses and becomes cruel. He then aggressively destroys those who did this to him.

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