Action decision taken by Parvathi’s mother-in-law in the wedding hall .. IPS brainwashing Sandhya!

Archana is plotting to provoke Parvathi’s ex-boyfriend Vicky into marrying Vijay TV’s Raja Rani 2 serial as Saravanan’s sister Parvati’s wedding is scheduled to take place today.

Accordingly, Vicky throws the photo of Parvathy with her to everyone in the wedding hall and tries to prove that Parvathy is wrong.

But at that unexpected moment, Parvati’s mother-in-law told Vicky, ‘Sandhya has already told me how bad you are. So Parvati is my daughter-in-law.

Parvati’s mother – in – law whipped Vicky. He spoke so confidently of Parvati that the Saravanan family was delighted.

Besides, Sandhya said, ‘It is normal for a man and a woman to fall in love. But the success or failure of love depends on the extent to which that love is real. ‘

So Sandhya, who had already thought with her IPS brain that Vicky would do the same, Sandhya has moved Kai right so that there is no doubt in her mother-in-law’s mind that Parvati’s marriage will not be disrupted.

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