Actor Adi-Iruvar’s latest click who met Ajith in person

Ajith is a great actor who is celebrated by the fans of Tamil cinema and everything he does is up to the fans to see and learn from.

Recently the movie Valimai starring him was released and in the movie directed by Vinod Ajith will be mixed as a bike racer, the movie filled the longing for the fans to see Ajith in such an incarnation.

Ajith is currently starring in his 61st film directed by H. Vinod. Only a few look photos of Ajith have been released as the shooting for the film is said to have started.

In it, Ajith has a different look with a long beard, which is also enjoyed by the fans.

Ajith’s latest click

Famous young actor Adi has recently posed for a photo with Ajith in this position. Out of that latest click the fans share the photo as much as usual.

Only a few are commenting on whether Adi met in person to invite Ajith to his wedding.

Actor Adi-Iruvar's latest click who met Ajith in person

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