Actor Sivakarthikeyan’s film has grossed so much… First day box office release

Many films of actor Sivakarthikeyan, who is emerging as the hero of Tamil cinema, have been well received and collected. In this case, a film starring Sivakarthikeyan can be seen now about the film which broke the box office record of crores from the very first day.

Sivakarthikeyan, who starred in the Tamil film Marina directed by Pandiyarajan, has acted in a number of hit films including the Unrepentant Youth Association and Deer Karate. Meanwhile, information about the film, which has grossed over Rs.

Seemaraja, directed by Ponram and starring Sivakarthikeyan and Samantha, received mixed reviews and was well received by Sivakarthikeyan.

Sivakarthikeyan will play Masa in two roles in the film which is based on the story of Singampatti Zameen. All the songs that came out in De Iman music gave a good one hit. Meanwhile, Seemaraja has grossed over Rs 4 crore on the first day of its theatrical release.

This is Sivakarthikeyan’s first grossing film. The recently released Doctor film directed by Nelson Dileepkumar has been a great success and is currently starring in Sivakarthikeyan Dawn.

Actor Sivakarthikeyan starrer will be directed by CB Chakraborty and will be released in theaters on the 13th. In this case, the release of the trailer for the film has been well received by fans. Meanwhile, Sivakarthikeyan’s fans have been saying that the Don movie will be good.

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