Actor Vijay weighs so much! Interesting information told by the main celebrity ..

Commander Vijay is currently the top star of Tamil cinema and Vijay has grown to the point where he can surpass his achievements.

Accordingly, his most recent film was Beast, before which Vijay’s Sarkar was the No. 1 film in Tamil Nadu.

And now the Beast movie has broken the Sarkar film record of four years ago.

Following this film, Vijay is acting in Commander 66 directed by Vamsi and the shooting of the film is in full swing.

In this situation, famous choreographer and actor Satish has spoken about Commander Vijay in an interview. In which Vijay sir I am 68 kg and he weighs less than me. Satish said he did not know how he was still so young.

He has also acted with Satish Vijay in films including Beast and Talawa.

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