Actor Vishnu Vishal gives shocking information to fans- Fans upset

A lot of actors are struggling to buy the name of a great actor to prove their talent in Tamil cinema. Even though they are willing to work, the stories do not set them apart.

Vishnu Vishal is also on the list of heroes who can go and act for such a good story.

Initially starring in regular love stories, he now chooses different stories that are important to the story in succession.

The last film to come out

The last film to be released was FIR starring Vishnu Vishal, which peaked in terms of collection and critique.

Vishnu Vishal, who is always active on social media, has posted about his film and family photos.

Currently he has posted that he intends to take a break from all social websites.

Fans who saw it have been saying congratulations on why this decision came as a bit of a shock.

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