Actress Andrea tough on fans! The police who carried out the beating ..?

Devil in anticipation2

Actress Andrea is a popular actress and singer in the Tamil film industry. The upcoming Devil 2 movie starring him has generated great anticipation.

In this situation, the last day of the screening of the Mallur Venkampatti Temple Festival in Salem. It has been advertised on posters that actress Andrea will attend.

Strict Andrea by fans action

Thus a large crowd of fans has gathered to see the actress Andrea, the actress Andrea has arrived there after a long wait. Andrea could not get out of the car because the fans were standing around.

Andrea then went on stage with the help of the guards and sang the sensational hit song Pushpa. Andrea was stunned when the fans asked her to dance after the song was over.

He then sang another song and left, but the fans remained silent as the police warned them to stop the show by lightly beating the fans as the crowd got out of control.

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