Actress Kajal Agarwal, the mother of a beautiful baby, is the younger sister who happily broke the news

Kajal Agarwal is a popular Tamil and Telugu actress. He has acted in Tamil with leading actors like Vijay, Ajith and Surya. She was married to Gautam Kichili in 2020 while she was busy acting in cinema.

Although his marriage came as a shock to Kajal’s fans, everyone extended their congratulations to the couple. Kajal continued to focus on acting even after marriage.

In this case, Kajal announced that she was pregnant a few months ago. Delighted fans and celebrities congratulated him. He also withdrew from the film as he could not continue with the filming in which Kajal was starring.

After that she went abroad with her husband and rested there. Occasionally she would post photos and videos of all her pregnancy activities on her Instagram page.

Even recently he had a very critical baby shower. All those photos were released and attracted a large number of fans. She also shared with fans that she is looking forward to the arrival of her baby.

In this condition he gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this morning. Kajal Agarwal’s sister Nisha Agarwal is very happy to share this information. She said on her social media page that her family is now happy with the arrival of the beautiful baby and that the mother is doing well. Fans who saw this have been extending their congratulations to Kajal.

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