Actress Keerthi Suresh who has changed her personality as a new hairstyle and glasses .. see for yourself

Leading actress Keerthi Suresh

Keerthi Suresh starrer Sani Kaitham is currently ready for release.

Apart from this, Keerthi has committed to act in the Mamannan film directed by Mari Selvaraj and starring Udayanithi, Vadivelu, Bhagat Bachil and many others.

She has also acted in Mahesh Babu in Telugu and Tovino Thomas in Malayalam. Both of these films will be out soon.

This is our Keerthi

Keerthi, who is always active on the Instagram page, is constantly posting photos or videos on it.

In that sense, the photoshoot photos posted by Keerthi Suresh in a new hairstyle, glasses and coat suit are currently going viral.

Here is the photo ..




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