Actress Meena pregnant again after many years- Beautiful photo posted by herself

Actress Meena is a heroine who was celebrated by the fans in the 80s and 90s. Beyond Tamil, he has acted in Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada.

He is still acting more in Malayalam films.

Meena’s family

Meena, who married Vidyasagar in 2009, has a daughter, Nainika. We all know who he is and how he will be.

The reason is that he acted with the commander in the film Theri and has taken a big place in the minds of the people of Tamil Nadu. Nainika who was seen in the movie Theri has now become just like that and has grown up well as a big girl.

The photo shoot that Meena took with her daughter has revealed a lot of everything.

Post by Meena

Meena, who is starring in the available opportunities, recently put up a post on Instagram. In it the fans looked to see if Meena was pregnant again after many years to put the video as if she was pregnant.

But it seems that it is bad for a film.

Here is the video he released,

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A post shared by Meena Sagar (@ meenasagar16)

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