Actress Mumtaz caught in police custody

Actress Mumtaz made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema and later became a sexy heroine. She has acted in many sexy films and has danced with leading actors including Vijay.

He was very popular in that genre and the cinema opportunities started to decline with the arrival of new actresses. At that time, he was appearing on the Big Boss show aired on Vijay TV. His rude action there caused minor annoyance to the fans.

After that show he did not get as many slides as he had hoped. So he is currently living in Anna Nagar with his sister. Two girls who worked at his house have lodged a complaint with the police.

In it they say they have been working at Mumtaz’s house for the last 6 years. They also informed the police over the phone that Mumtaz was torturing them and refusing to send them if asked to go back to their hometown.

Upon receiving their complaint, the police immediately rushed to Mumtaz’s house and rescued the girls. Both girls are currently being held in an orphanage. There is an investigation going on as to whether they have any mental or physical harm.

Actress Mumtaz is also under investigation by the police. And many criticisms about Mumtaz are spreading on social media. Fans are currently questioning Mumtaz as to whether you know it is wrong to employ minor girls.

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