Actress Priyanka Mohan has spoken openly about Commander Vijay

Actress Priyanka Mohan

Actress Priyanka Mohan made her entry in the Tamil film industry with the film Doctor.

Following this, Surya starrer ‘Tuninthavan’ was well received by the audience as the heroine.

In this situation, Dan is currently paired with Sivakarthikeyan again in the film.

In a recent interview with actress Priyanka Mohan, the actor talked about Vijay.

Vijay complimented me

In it, “Sir Vijay praised me after watching the movie My Doctor. He also praised me for the movie I had acted in in Telugu”.

Also Priyanka Mohan, Vijay Have you seen all our pictures? As asked. Priyanka Mohan has said that Vijay said “I will watch everyone’s movie”.

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