Actress Rashmika has made a super record for her first film with Vijay

If actor Vijay’s films are released, South Indian cinema will be a festival. So in a few more days the celebration is going to start, what a celebration Beast.

Released on April 13th, the promotion has been all the rage.

Interview with Vijay

Vijay’s interview is one of the most awaited by fans in Beast movie promotions. In it Nelson asks Vijay a lot of things that fans want to hear.

We will see what the commander says next Sunday.

Next image pooja

Vijay has released his 66th film Pooja before the Beast release. The photos taken by Vijay and Rashmika yesterday to pose for the film went viral on social media.

Currently Rashmika has also posted photos taken with Vijay and how long have we been watching Vijay Sarai on screen and now I am going to act with him, happily ever after.

What actress Rashmika did during Commander 66 Image Pooja! Viral Photos ..

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