Actress Yashika who came to the show in a bad dress- unspeakable comments

Actress Yashika is a celebrity who has been welcomed by Tamil cinema fans. Fans had an impression on Yashika who initially acted in a slightly bad film that she would act like this.

He has also acted in films with different storylines since then, but the fans’ view of him has not changed.

His character came to light a bit in Big Boss and after that he was mixed up by appearing as a judge on some show on Vijay TV.

Yashika accident

In 2021, Yashika was involved in a tragic accident near Mahabalipuram and was bedridden for 6 months. Yashika also lost her close friend Bhavani in the accident.

Fans were critical of Yashika for killing her friend no matter what she did after that.

At one point Yashika was very upset and put everything in the post sad as it happened unexpectedly.

Bad Comments

Yashika, who is now active on the Instagram page, posted a photo. Fans who saw it commented that the dress was a little bad and could not be posted.

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