After 17 years, he is a double role villain .. a new incarnation of Tamil cinema

Ghajini, who made his debut in the history of Tamil cinema in 2005 under the direction of AR Murugadoss, played the villain only in double roles. Actor Pradeep Rawat, who has acted mostly in negative roles in languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada, will amaze the fans by showing his stunning performance in two roles.

Not only this, Pradeep Rawat will be intimidated as the villain in the role of China Dhana in the movie Thotti Jaya. So just as Surya and Pradeep Rawat played dual roles as heroes and villains in Ghajini, now in Tamil cinema after that film, both hero and villain are playing dual roles in another film.

This is the first time in Tamil cinema. SJ Surya plays the villain in two roles. SJ Surya’s acting in general is unique as he plays both roles perfectly.

Vishal also plays two roles as the hero in this film. Vishnu is going to play two roles for the first time in this film. So the story of the film is stirring up the expectation that there will be too many twists to think about.

Mark Antony is the film that will be directed by Adik Ravichandran with Vishal. They talked about how this movie became a drop. But this film did not become a trap. Vishal will play a double role hero and SJ Surya will play a double role villain in this film.

So the shooting of the upcoming thriller and action movie Mark Antony movie is scheduled to start soon and release next year.

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