After meeting the team of the film, Manisha Gulati’s delusions will be removed

Chandigarh: The controversy over the release of the Bollywood film ‘Ni Mein Saas Kutni’ seems to be coming to an end. Punjab Women’s Commission Chairperson Manisha Gulati shared information about the whole affair on her social media page. Manisha Gulati said that today the entire team of the film met her and dispelled my doubts about the film. Manisha Gulati said that dialects have been in vogue in the culture of Punjab since time immemorial but due to changing times young generation is moving away from Punjabi culture. Under this, Punjabi culture seems to be disappearing. “My doubts about the title of the film have been allayed and I respect the purpose of making this film,” he said. There should be such films in Punjabi culture that connect everyone with their culture and make them aware of the background.

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Manisha Gulati said that she had to issue a notice against the film after receiving complaints but after meeting the team, it seems that it was someone’s prank to get in the way of the film cast. The movie’s trailer has also been removed from YouTube, which is illegal. He said that strict action would be taken against such miscreants. If this action is being taken under the name of Women’s Commission, it will be investigated and action will be taken against the culprits. YouTube will also be called upon to take action against such mischievous elements. After this Manisha Gulati also appealed to everyone to watch the film and said that for the first time a director has shown the truth of today’s society, therefore everyone should watch this film.

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It may be recalled that in the past, Manisha Gulati had issued a notice regarding the title of the film ‘Ni Mein Saas Kutni’ in view of complaints received from some people and sought clarification as to what message the director wanted to convey through the film. After the notice was issued, the film team defended itself. Today Manisha Gulati herself witnessed the premiere of the film and clarified that there is nothing in the film that is against Punjabi culture.

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