Against the Ice trailer: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau embarks on a harrowing journey across frigid Greenland landscape


A trailer for Peter Flinth’s upcoming survival drama film is here. Starring Nikolaj Coster-Waldau in the lead operate of Captain Ejnar Mikkelsen, the film relies on a correct chronicle of Denmark’s Alabama Expedition to Greenland to expose that it’s a single island.

The premise became as soon as to disprove the roar of United States that Greenland became as soon as if truth be told two islands. That can possess allowed the US to annex North-Jap Greenland.

Aid then, there were no satellites and mapping became as soon as completed with more classic systems cherish triangulation. Ejnar Mikkelsen and his inexperienced accomplice Iver Iversen (Joe Cole) embark collectively on a prolonged gallop true by the frigid panorama to expose the roar. They had been additionally following in the footsteps of Denmark expedition, and to enhance the our bodies and their info.

As expeditions in polar areas had been wont to in those days, this one met with misfortune and had to face nature’s wrath previous to their had been rescued.

The chronicle is basically price telling, and if the trailer is any indication, In opposition to the Ice has completed a optimistic job. Coster-Waldau, most efficient identified for enjoying the operate of Jaime Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones, can continuously be relied to play hard roles and difficult characters, and he additionally has his onscreen GoT father, Charles Dance, in the film.

The knowledgeable YouTube description of the film reads, “In opposition to the Ice is a correct chronicle of friendship, cherish and the risk-spirited strength of companionship as two men be triumphant in discovering proof Greenland is one island but now not previous to battling vulgar prerequisites in their fight for survival.”

All in all, In opposition to the Ice seems absolutely price looking out at. At one point, it appears to be like Ejnar is being mauled by a polar undergo, echoing The Revenant scene gripping Leonardo DiCaprio.

In opposition to the Ice releases on March 2 on Netflix.

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