‘AI Love You’ Ending, Explained: Whom Did Lana Choose In The End?


“AI Enjoy You” is a Thai Sci-Fi romance drama movie that deals with technology and esteem. Whereas the romance between a human being and man made intelligence has been explored ahead of in movies (notably in “Her”), this Thai romance feels esteem a tragic are trying. The scientific explanations are absurd, and the romance lacks excitement. “AI Enjoy You” is determined in due route, when AIs can feel emotions. They are no longer mere assistants nonetheless reasonably guests with the humans. Structures have developed from concrete structures to wash structures that are managed by AI.

‘AI Enjoy You’ Quandary Summary: What Is The Movie About?

The movie deals with an out-of-the-field romance between a girl, Lana, and her place of job constructing AI, named Dob. From the very origin of “AI Enjoy You,” it is miles established that Lana used to be special to Dob. He greeted Lana with plenty more affection and warmth in the morning than the assorted workers. Lana chanced on Dob, a colossal friend who comforted her in the center of her unhappy days. When Lana used to be going by procedure of criticism at her place of job, Dob came to her rescue. The AI helped her form the build of a product that the customers popular of. After their success, Dob expressed his emotions for Lana. She pushed apart his affection, citing the proven truth that he used to be glowing an AI that functioned on coding. Even if later, Lana kissed her finger and touched the cowl, Dob replied by announcing that he used to be unable to route of the affection expressed by her. Lana reminds Dob that this used to be causes why their romance used to be very unlikely.

Meanwhile, Lana went on a date with a man named Bob. He used to be the suited instance of toxic masculinity, Lana straight determined to head away the date as he used to be no longer the man she used to be searching out. When the place of job constructing manager got complaints regarding Dob’s incapacity to provide day-to-day activities, he known as for abet. Bob used to be an professional at reprogramming AIs. He reached the constructing to determine the trouble. As he analyzed Dob’s enviornment, he realized that the AI used to be fixated on Lana. It had every that it’s good to perhaps imagine info of Lana and used to be reprogramming itself accordingly. Bob tried to repair the trouble by erasing the solutions, nonetheless Dob stopped him in the arrangement. It used to be a self-introduced about glitch that resulted in the download of Dob’s identity inner Bob’s body.

When Dob tried to determine his lifestyles as a human, it resulted in the launch of a series of confusion. From successful his esteem to managing the place of job, Dob had varied roles to play.

How Did Dob Attempt To Exhaust Over Lana?

Whereas Dob had struggled to procure conversant in his human body, his main motive used to be to construct Lana tumble in esteem with him. Lana disliked Bob, making it all of the more sharp for Dob to rob over Lana. He despatched her plant life and chocolates nonetheless didn’t build an influence. He idea to be abet from one other AI named Chip, who urged some solutions. Along with Keno, Lana’s constructing AI, they realized a realizing. The realizing used to be to make expend of the easy process they’d about Lana to provoke her. He faked a robbery where he looked because the hero and saved Lana. Since Lana loved art, Dob painted in entrance of her. Keno also instructed them that Lana used to be compassionate in opposition to assorted humans, especially the elderly. This resulted in Dob serving to older americans when Lana used to be spherical. The realizing labored, and he used to be in a position to construct an impression on her.

Keno managed to persuade Lana to head on a date with Dob/Bob. The date used to be loyal. Lana loved Dob’s innocence and ease. He used to be no longer like anything she imagined Bob to be. The two shared moments of intimacy, they in most cases started spending their days together. Dob in a roundabout procedure proposed to Lana, nonetheless whereas proposing, he gave away his identity. He mistakenly addressed Lana as “ma’am,” a title reserved for Dob. realized that it used to be Dob inner Bob’s body, she used to be disheartened to snatch the reality. He tried to point to Lana how his esteem used to be fixed and that he simply wanted one other likelihood at esteem, this time as a human being. She refused to listen as she felt betrayed and left the put.

Success used to be no longer in opt of Dob. As his esteem lifestyles went downhill, so did his are trying to conceal the reality. The constructing security realized that the AI had long gone rogue and instructed the corporate that created the AI, SmartPlus. The finest choice the corporate had used to be to delete all of the solutions and factory reset the AI. This supposed that Dob would lose his identity and, of route, his esteem ardour.

‘AI Enjoy You’ Ending Explained: Did Dob Take care of To Continue to exist?

The battle between humans and AIs has taken a rough flip. The AIs united to present protection to Dob from destruction. Dob tried to procure some distance from the hands of the “Hawk,” who used to be identified for destroying rogue AI. Even supposing the AIs tried their most efficient to abet Dob, it used to be no longer adequate.

Dob used to be captured by Hawk, and the SmartPlus company started extracting info from him. In the intervening time, Keno instructed Lana about Dob’s condition. At the origin, Lana used to be hesitant to abet Dob, nonetheless after interacting with her human friend, who impressed her to conflict for her esteem, she went ahead and rescued him. She alone used to be no longer highly efficient adequate to conflict the boys at SmartPlus, so Keno determined to integrate into Lana’s body. She downloaded combating tactics from inner Lana that helped her wrestle her enemies. After some fight and combating, Lana managed to hurt the Hawk and build Dob. She freed him from the shackles and used to be in a position to quit the arrangement of knowledge extraction. They carried the worrying force where the solutions used to be saved.

When Lana asked Bob if it used to be Dob inner his body, he replied that he used to be unsure of his identity. In the final scene, we undercover agent Lana and Bob together after a twelve months. They were mute relationship. They mentioned the procedure it used to be due to the Dob and Keno that they were in a position to unite as enthusiasts. We did no longer procure to snatch if Dob and Keno ever left their respective human bodies, despite the proven truth that the conversation indicated that they weren’t fully sleek. Since most efficient 10% of Dob’s info remained inner Bob, due to the this truth, it used to be most efficient a exiguous section of him that perhaps survived. It’s miles complex how Bob managed to commerce as a particular person by the tip of the “AI Enjoy You” with out mighty of Dob final inner him. The movie used to be about Lana, who fell in esteem with Dob, and it used to be for him that she used to be ready to conflict the arena, nonetheless by the tip of it, their esteem memoir disappeared, and it used to be most efficient the human romance that remained. If truth be told, “AI esteem you” makes no sense at all. It’s miles unable to fabricate an emotional connection, and the disastrous construction of the futuristic world didn’t abet in altering that.

“AI Enjoy You” is a 2022 Thai Romance Drama movie directed by David Asavanond and Stephan Zlotescu.

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