Ajith and Vijay who have been waiting for many years .. Manusanga who has no ego at all

Vijay and Ajith, who are the heroes of collections in Tamil cinema, have been good friends since the early days of acting in cinema. Moreover, the families of the two are like close relatives.

Despite the ongoing debate over who is the greatest among their fans, the two actors involved are still friends to this day. It is customary for the two of them to meet and develop their friendship whenever the opportunity arises.

Such an opportunity they now have. Now both Vijay and Ajith are shooting in Hyderabad. Ajith is busy acting in AK 61 and Vijay in Commander 66.

In the meantime the two are said to be more likely to meet. Earlier, a similar photo shoot of the two took place in Hyderabad. That is, both the Ajith starrer Mankatha and Vijay’s Velayutham were shot simultaneously in Hyderabad.

Although the two were busy acting then, in the short time available the two met and developed their friendship. They not only met and talked but also sat together and ate biryani and discussed many things.

After that the two of them were so busy in films that they did not get a chance to meet like this. Now, many years later, they have such an opportunity. So it is expected that they will meet again now and share things about their pictures.

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