Ajith did no stunts in Valimai! This is him ..

Blockbuster strength

Strength is a movie directed by H. Vinod and starring Ajith and released last February.

Ajith’s Strength, which was released amidst great anticipation, received mixed reviews but grossed over Rs 200 crore worldwide.

The producer of the film Bonnie Kapoor had announced the strength image collection through her social media page.

The person who put dope on Ajith

In this case, the stunt scenes of the film were the most talked about strength in the film, the way the scenes were filmed and the stunts scenes impressed everyone.

But now information is circulating on the internet about the person who dubbed Ajith for the stunts in the film.

Vishal is the person who did the dope for Ajith and Vishal has also been posting videos on his Instagram page about the strength movie stunt scenes. Asked by a fan, Vishal said that he did the stunts.

Actress Vanitha Vijayakumar, who has started her second new career, is here with the video

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