Ajith got 10 times more than Vijay .. many twists and turns that followed

After Rajini Kamal, Vijay and Ajith have the largest fan base in Tamil cinema. Due to that his film release but his fans in the theater will be celebrating with cheers.

Not only that, they have become multi-crore salaried heroes and have become unshakable heroes in the field of cinema today. Thala Ajith also starred as a child star in the 1990 film ‘En Veedu En Kanavar’ which was released in 1990 before starring in the 1993 film Amravati.

Thala Ajith’s first appearance on screen was when he played a schoolboy in the song ‘En Kanmani’ which was featured in the film. So the salary he bought in the film Amravati was Rs.5000.

But Vijayo’s debut film ‘Tomorrow’s Judgment’, which was released in 1990, earned only Rs 500. Compared to Ajith, Vijay’s early films did not give the expected amount of hits.

However, as Vijay continues to improve his performance, he is currently competing with Thala Ajith in the upcoming films.

Every film starring Thala Ajith was a hit for him and he was paid 10 times more than Vijay in the first film which is currently being talked about on social media. The head-to-head fans who are just beating up have been engaged in a great deal of controversy with this information.

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