Ajith movie song criticizing Vijay! The answer given by the director ..

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Ajith and Vijay are the two top stars of Tamil cinema. This is something that everyone knows about the legion of fans.

And there has always been a cinematic rivalry between the two of them. It was said that the song “Unakkenna Unakkenna” in Ajith’s Attakasam was a critique of the great Vijay.

Meanwhile, the director of the film Attakasam Charan has responded to the controversy regarding this song in an interview.

The song sung by Vijay!

He said, “Then both Vijay and Ajith are moving towards their growth and are acting without even having time to look back at their next films.

Opposition is not between the two. But I have been with Ajith and I know how many people have hurt him and what they have done to prevent him from coming.

Generally speaking, it’s what you call it, but people take it for granted that Vijay is against Ajith. ”

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