Ajith puts an end to 11 years of feud .. AK-63 formed in mega alliance

Following Valimai, Ajith is all set to star again in AK61, a Ponikapur-Vinod alliance. All the preliminary work for this film is currently in full swing.

After this film, Ajith is going to act with director Vignesh Sivan in his 62nd film. The film is being produced by renowned company Laika Productions. The film was originally produced by Sun Pictures.

But now it is being reported that Nayanthara has talked to Ajith and made him a Laika company. For the past few years Sun Pictures has been keen to make a film with Ajith somehow.

But Sun Pictures did not get the chance. Not only that but it came from some stupidity and clashes between Ajith and Sun TV a few years back. It is said that Ajith did not act in the film for Sun Pictures.

There is also talk that Sun TV has acquired the satellite rights of the film ‘Viswasam’ in a way that makes Ajith cool. Thus there is an expectation on the screen as to when this alliance will merge.

Ajith is currently finishing the films in his possession and is all set to star in Siruthai Siva next. The film is being produced by Sun Pictures. Leopard Siva was already directing the upcoming film for Sun Pictures. Based on that, it looks like Sun Pictures will seize the opportunity.

So will Ajith get caught in the web of Sun Pictures? It has been almost 11 years since Mankatha was filmed and since then Ajith has not joined the Sunpictures alliance. Kollywood sources say that he has forcibly sidelined his policy and agreed to star in the Sun Pictures production.

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