Ajith rehabilitated the producer .. so that no one else would do this

Actor Ajith has a huge fan base in Tamil cinema. Fans celebrate him for his character beyond his acting. And Ajith continues to act in films with his fans. In this case, a famous producer has said about Ajith.

That means the biggest problem producers are currently facing is the salaries of the heroes. The salaries of the heroes are now many times higher than the budget of the film. Producers face a financial crisis as heroes buy salaries in advance.

And some producers make their films just by paying interest. The producers escape if the film makes a profit. But it is the producers who suffer the most if the film fails.

Thus the heroes are not going to face any problems. They will get paid to speak for this film and go on to star in the next film. But the producer said that Ajith is a good man.

Wisdom is a 2017 film directed by Siruthai Siva and starring Ajith, Kajal Agarwal, Akshara Hassan and others. The film, which was made at great expense, was a failure. Thus the producer suffered the biggest loss.

So Ajith put me up and take a picture again. But, he said take it on a very low budget. Thus again in 2019 with the same production company Siruthai Siva directed film starring Ajith and Nayanthara released Faith.

The film made huge profits for the production company. But the biggest doubt is whether other heroes like Ajith will do this. Because if the film he acted in fails, they are reluctant to act in the same alliance again.

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