Ajith sculpted himself .. The secret that won the hearts of millions of fans

Happy May Day to all cinema hood readers. Labor Day is observed around the world today. May Day is one more special day for Tamil cinema fans. Because it is the birthday of their favorite actor Ajith Kumar. Thala Ajith Kumar came into the film industry without any background and today he is emerging as an important actor in Tamil cinema. This is a short article about him.

Born to a Malayalee father in Palakkad and a Sindhi mother from Kolkata, Ajith Kumar could not easily enter the film industry. Ajith had the desire to be a skilled mechanic from the early days. But life was waiting to give him another dimension. I had the opportunity to model and headline a few scenes in the film industry because it was so smart to watch. Ajithkumar started doing this thinking that if he got income from it he could keep it and learn his preferred mechanic profession.

In the early days Ajith got attention with the help of camera artist PC Sriram and acted in a few commercials. He and singer SB Balasubramaniam recommended that he get a chance to act in a Telugu film. However, the film was dropped halfway through due to the untimely death of its director. Ajith continued his next attempt. Due to that he made his acting debut in the Tamil film Amravati in 1993. Before the dubbing of the film was completed, Ajith was in bed rest for a year and a half after being hit by a motor race. The body underwent 3 operations. Due to that, the then young actor Vikram gave voice to Ajith for the film.

He then starred in three films in 1994. One of them is the film in the view of General Vijay’s Raja. Another film that got some attention was Pavithra. In this, he played the role of a love interest with Radhika who comes in the role of mother. However, Ajith Kumar, who was not a big hit, was waiting for a movie that would give him a good collection. The film, which met his expectations, was released in 1995. The film was directed by Vasant, an assistant to director Shikaram K Balachander. Focusing on this hugely successful film, Ajith signed on to star in several films. One of the important films is Love Fort, directed by director Agathiyan. It is noteworthy that the unseen romance featured in this film, which won the National Award for Best Picture, was trending at the time.

Ajith has been facing many ups and downs since the film Kaadhal Kottai. Most of his films were not well received commercially. The college gateway movie he co-starred with Prashant did not go big. That’s when he meets his principal director, Charan. Director Charan also came from the workshop of director Shikaram Balachander. Kadhal Mannan is a movie that was forced to give success to both of them. The film was a huge success for Ajith. All the songs in Bhardwaj’s music sounded everywhere in the menu tank. His next film, Wali, directed by SJ Surya, was a huge success. Ajith played a double role in the film in which he played the role of a deaf and dumb brother who could not speak and was intimidated.

Although Ajith grew up a page fast, he never failed to value friendship in the film industry. He was friendly with many of the actors he played with and made honorable mentions for their wishes. Ajith, who had already acted with Commander Vijay and the prince of love Prasanth, also acted in films like Ananda Poonkaatre and Nee Varuvai for friendship. Ajith, who once again co-starred with director Charan in the hugely successful commercial film Amarkalam, made his acting debut in this film with his wife Shalini. The understanding and love that arose between them then continues to this day.

Ajith never underestimated his participation in his own favorite motor race. On the one hand he was busy acting in films but on the other hand he was doing his favorite racing exercise. In that category he soon progressed and participated in many competitions in India and won prizes. Encouraged by this, Ajith competed in the Grand Prix Asia Race held in Malaysia.

Ajith always wanted to keep learning from them. The income from movies alone is not enough to make him happy. At other times as cinema time went on he eagerly participated, worked and learned in many of his favorite professions. Ajith also enjoys photographing them. Scorers who own the most expensive cameras will enjoy taking photos of his favorite from time to time. Ajith is also very involved in cooking. It is a well-known news in the film industry that he will make and serve biryani with his own hands to other co-stars in the films he will be starring in. Even more recently he has been developing new drones in conjunction with the drone building system.

Ajit Kumar says that his good times are the only reason for their asura growth and it cannot be put aside. Another major reason for this great success was his simple manners. Everyone knows that he treats the simple actors who work with him and the simple people who work with him with value and respect. From time to time, Ajith travels long distances on his expensive two-wheeler. We often find ourselves dining in the most ordinary hotels and tea shops while going like that.

Everyone wants Ajith, who has so many specialties, to continue to act in good films and win many hits. It is very difficult to enter the screen industry without any background. Similarly it is very, very difficult to maintain success. It is no exaggeration to say that Thala Ajithkumar was the one who achieved both through his hard work.

Happy Birthday to Ajith who has carved himself out of hard work on our behalf and on behalf of his Kodanu Kodi fans!

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