Ajith-Shalini marriage secret that has been bundled up for 22 years!

Ajith and Shalini, who acted as a couple in Charan’s 1999 film Amarkkalam, fell in love with each other while starring in the film and got married the following year. By now the top couples to be admired on screen and in real life are the couples who have held a separate place in the hearts of the fans.

Interesting information has come to light on how Ajith rebuilt Shalini’s family who did not agree to the Ajith-Shalini marriage. That is, Ajith married Shalini only after he paid Shalini’s father to marry her for love.

Because Ajith was not a great actor during the time he was in love with Shalini. Was very casual. So Shalini’s father did not consent to their marriage. The reason was that at that time Ajith was in a normal state with only a few films as a budding actor.

But because Shalini has been acting in more films, my daughter has been acting in a lot of films due to it. I will not give up the income that comes through it. Shalini’s father has told Ajith that money is important to me.

Immediately after the film starring Ajith Shalini, he handed over the entire amount along with the committed films to Shalini’s father and married Shalini. This has increased Ajith’s respect for Shalini and he has not acted in any films till now and is living as Ajith’s only real wife.

So this thing known only to Shalini’s father and Ajith is currently being talked about virally on social media. Having already had a personal value and respect for Thala Ajith among the fans, Thala fans have been celebrating by lifting his head after hearing this news.

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