Ajith, the producer who tore Nayanthara off the stage .. The apprentice who released the scolding video in return

Journalist Ranganathan is a journalist who speaks boldly in public about many celebrities in the film industry. Fans have been saying that some of the things he talks about are casual but many things are still relevant.

In that sense, there are some fans who just want to hear his speech. Currently he has spoken openly about some information about producer Rajan. Rajan, who has made a few films in cinema, is currently making a splash by commenting on several leading actors including Vijay and Ajith.

He is also making slanderous remarks about the salary they are buying. He has a habit of dragging an actor or actress into something without talking about the film involved in the music release ceremony he attends.

Apprentice Ranganathan has commented about this at present. In which he is what you get if any actor gets paid how many crores. And no producer has ever claimed that their film is a loss.

Why do you say films by Ajith and Vijay have lost so many crores? Why do you have to come to this unwanted work music release ceremony, the phonoma has been questioned as a show. Rajan tore up the question on stage as to why Nayanthara, who is coming for their own film promotion, is not coming to the film with another producer.

Everyone in the Kollywood community knows that Ajith and Nayanthara have said that they will not come up with such an advertisement while the film is being contracted, but it is not clear why he is criticizing this.

He was so jealous that Vijay and Ajith’s call sheet was not available while he was making films that he was slandering them and all he was saying was a lie. None of the fans said they would believe what he was saying.

Having said so many things he has also clarified one thing about himself. I mean I also say a lot of things about screen celebrities. But I never lied. Knowing the Mind Voice of the people has responded that everything I say is true.

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