Ajith, the production company that developed Vijay .. Recognition not available until today

In the current cinema many producers are emerging and making films. Many leading actors and actresses have started their own film companies and are making films.

Through it they produce many quality stories and win many awards. No matter how many awards you buy, the national award is everyone’s dream. Many are giving their full effort that somehow we will get a national award in this film.

This national award, which is the magic word of so many, is not easily available to anyone. Only those with talented acting and hard work can easily win this award.

Many leading companies in that category have won National Awards for Best Picture. But only one company, which has been producing films in Tamil cinema for almost 30 years, has not received this national award till date.

RP Chaudhary has produced many films in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam for almost thirty years. He started Super Good Films in 1980 and has been producing several films till now.

With Vijay, who is currently on the rise as a mass actor, he has given many hit films like Poove for You, Loveday, Unbreakable Mind and Bouncing. He has also produced not only family and love films but also thriller films like Incomprehensible Riddle.

Through this he has received many awards including Government of Tamil Nadu Award and Filmfare. To date, the company has not only won a national award. The biggest downside is that the company, which was once known as Super Good Films, did not receive a national award.

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