Ajith, Vijay who raised his salary despite giving a failed film .. Famous producer who was torn and hung up

After Rajini and Kamal, Vijay and Ajith have a lot of fans in Tamil cinema. If their film is released, fans will celebrate it with cheers.

Some people, including Blue Shirt Maran, are deliberately spreading misconceptions about these people who are at the peak of their fame. In that sense, producer K Rajan is bent on pulling them back into the fray.

He has been posting many comments about Ajith and Vijay for the last few months. He also said that both the recently released Strength and Beast films had lost millions and that this was due to the heroes of the film.

This angered fans of both actors. Currently K Rajan is talking on a stage to get the fans back on track. In which he lost the previous two films of Ajith on a huge scale. When that is the case he has spoken angrily that he has changed his salary to Rs 105 crore in the next film.

And Vijay has left the producers here at a loss and has now gone to the Telugu side and talked about why you are paid so many crores for giving failed films.

Fans who heard his speech scolded the producer Rajan. If you are called to a film festival just talk about that film unnecessarily Vijay for your publicity is talking against him as to why you are dragging Ajith into the fray.

And if a film fails, so does the crew. Fans have been condemning Rajan’s comment as to why he only mentions the hero alone when that is the case.

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