Ajith, who is the opposite of Vijay .. is a great sacrifice that can be made tirelessly

Vijay and Ajith, who are the collection heroes of Tamil cinema, have a united fan base. If their film is released, it will be celebrated by their fans. Even the recently released Strength, Beast movies were celebrated like a festival by the fans.

In this situation, both Vijay and Ajith are busy acting in their next films. Filming of Vijay’s Commander 66 and Ajith’s AK 61 is currently in full swing in Hyderabad.

According to Vijay, if the shooting spot arrives at 10 am, he will leave at 6 pm. In the meanwhile I pay a crore rupees but he will not attend the shooting after 6 pm and will do the backup immediately.

Currently Ajith is the opposite. It is a well known fact that the upcoming AK61 movie is a short film. Because Ajith has committed to some other films after this one.

So his plan is to finish this film as soon as possible so Ajith is working hard for almost 18 hours a day for this film. If the shooting starts at 6 in the morning, the shooting will continue till 12 midnight.

If the shooting starts the next afternoon, the shooting will continue till the next morning. In this situation, Ajith acted the scenes with great enthusiasm without even frowning. Not only that but he is tireless and very active.

This is something that the film crew is currently talking about very proudly. Everyone is amazed that such a great actor can act without even caring a bit.

And many are praising Vijay for telling Pepsi members to shoot in Chennai. His fans have been telling him why it is wrong to talk about the fact that an actor is only available for a few hours and he has a monotonous job so he can not allocate time.

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