Ajith who was chased away by many years of anger .. is a celebrity who took refuge in the commander

Ajith is currently committing to star in several films with a fresh look. For this he is spinning and acting like a bum. Ajith, who is directing Vinod, is all set to star in the next Vignesh Sivan directed film.

After these films Ajith is all set to star again in a film directed by Siruthai Siva. It has been rumored in the media for a few months that actor Vadivelu will also be starring with Ajith in the film.

The two have acted in many films together. The last film in their alliance was Raja. Vadivelu did not act in any of Ajith’s films after that film. It is said that Vadivelu did not act with Ajith due to a disagreement during the film Raja.

Ajith in general is a very respectable man. But Vadivelu is said to have ignored him during the Raja film and spoke indifferently. That is why Ajith did not want to cast Vadivelu in his films after that.

Director Siva has told Ajith about this as such information is being spread at present. On hearing this, Ajith angrily told Vadivelu not to be included in the film. So Vadivelu is currently in great grief.

Vadivelu was very hopeful that Ajith would make peace and include himself in the film after many years. But his desire was dashed. So Vadivelu has now met Vijay and asked him for a chance to star in the film.

For that, I will finish the film in which Vijay is currently acting and next I will act in the film directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj. He has promised that you will definitely get it if you have a chance in this film. With this, Vadivelu is hopeful that he will get a chance in this film anyway.

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