Ajith’s principal director who got excited in the first film .. Famous director Potta Pillaiyar Suzhi

Ajith’s principal director was shocked to see the important scenes in the previous films and gave the opportunity. Now they are forming an alliance for the 3rd time and it is up to the fan to decide how successful the Hindu alliance will be.

AK 61 will be made in collaboration with Ajith, Vinod and Ponikapur. But initially Vinod was distracted by many to take his first picture. Vinod worked as an assistant director to directors Parthiban and Vijaymilton.

He has faced many hardships for his first film Chess Hunt. Chess hunting is the story of the wrath of the common man who thinks money is the solution to everything. Vinod has approached several producers after writing this story. But everyone has rejected him.

Thus Vinod Sudhakavu has asked director Nalan Kumaraswamy to give this story and read it. But he also set him aside so he could see then. And it is good that Nalan Kumaraswamy’s mother read the story.

Nalan Kumaraswamy gave this story to Manopala to make a recommendation that if this film is made it will definitely give a good name to the director. He then directed the movie Chess Hunt with Vinod Natraj as the hero. The film was well received among the fans.

Following this Vinod tells a story to Karthi. Karthi was then contracted in Kashmora and air release films. After that Vinod agreed to act in the film and Deeran acted in Chapter One.

The film was produced by Dream Warrior. Following this, Vinod got the opportunity to direct Ajith’s film. Vinod Valam is currently the inevitable director in Tamil cinema.

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