Alia and Sanjay are the next real couple to get ready .. Vijay TV together!

Every year, Vijay Tele Tele Awards presents awards to iconic actors and actresses through the Vijay Tele Awards. In that sense the promo for this year’s Vijay Tele Awards show was recently released. With this promo, the fans have confirmed that this is the girlfriend of Vishal who will be playing the lead role in the serial Pakkiyalakshmi.

This is because the award for Best Supporting Actor is shown as winning. In the promo, the camera captures the change in the face of Riya, the heroine of the Raja Rani 2 serial, as she speaks on stage, thanking those who acted with her for winning the award and those who caused her to come to this position.

This is how the protagonist Sanjeev and the protagonist Alia, who starred in the Raja Rani 1 serial a few years back, got together and talked and then got both of them to propose at the next Tele Awards.

Vishal and Riya will be the next real couple after Sanjeev-Alia, as Vijay TV is looking at the work that the duo will do together. Netizens tease after seeing this promo on social media.

It has already been said that Vishal and Riya are close friends and it was through Vishal that Riya, who was in the modeling industry, got the chance to star in the Raja Rani 2 serial.

So it remains to be seen if the fans’ prediction that these people who are friends are going to become lovers in the days to come will be correct if they open their mouths.

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