Alia Mansa releases super video after second child – is this the last one?

Actress Alya Manasa made her debut as a new heroine for serial fans last 2,3 years ago.

She started acting in the series Raja Rani and married Sanjeeva, the protagonist of the series and had two children.

The second he had a baby boy was born last month. Recently, actress Alya returned home from the hospital.

Alia on Instagram

Actress Alia Mansa will always be on the Instagram page posting something. Even now she has the color to post a lot of photos after the baby is born.

So on his Instagram story Raja Rani 2 has released a video taken during the last attendance of the serial shooting.

Fans who have seen it are making a sad record of why you stopped playing Sandhya yourself a few months after having a baby.

Is this the salary Yash got for Kgf 2 movie?

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